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Adoption FAQ

We know that adopting through a foster-based rescue is a much different experience than visiting your local shelter to adopt a pet. Here you'll find our most frequently asked questions about FREEdom Tails and our adoption process. 

Can I come visit your adoptable animals?

We do not have a shelter or other centralized location where all of our animals are kept. They live in foster homes until adopted. After applying and interviewing, you may be selected for a Meet & Greet with the pet you applied for. 


Do you pre-approve general applications?

We ask that applicants include the name of the animal(s) they are interested in adopting on their application. We want to make sure that the chosen applicant is the right fit for the animal and visa versa. If you are not selected for the animal you applied for, your application will stay valid for 6 months and you do not need to fill out the form again. Simply email the name of another animal and we will consider your application for the new animal. If you see an additional animal you would like to be considered for, please email us with the name of the animal, a second application is not necessary.


What is the Doodle List?

Because of the high volume of applications for Doodle breeds, we ask applicants interested in adopting a Doodle to please write Doodle Waitlist in the "What is the name of the FREEdom Tails pet you are applying for" box on the application form. After submitting your application, you will be added to the list based on the date of submission. When a doodle comes available that you are interested in, email with the name of the doodle. We will only process applications for those who reach out regarding a specific dog. 


Can I adopt from out of state?

Yes! We do allow out of state adoptions. We just ask that if selected, adopters travel to Ohio to do a Meet & Greet and take their new pet home themselves. We do not transport or deliver animals.


I haven't heard back on my application. What do I do?

Due to the volume of applications received, at this time we are only able to contact those applicants being asked to move to the next step in the application process. Typically 3-4 applicants will be contacted for an interview with the animal's foster. Please continue to watch our Adoptable Pets page and our Happy Tails Gallery. If a dog is removed from the Adoptable Pets page or is seen on the Happy Tails Gallery it means that the dog has been adopted. We do our best to inform applicants if the animal they applied for has been adopted. 


There are so many applicants. How do I increase my chances of being chosen?

The first and most important way to increase your chances of being selected for the animal you applied for is to make sure your application is complete and accurate. Please be sure to include photos of your indoor and outdoor living spaces, and correct information for your personal and vet references. We do not accept or process incomplete applications. The second way is to continue to work with FREEdom Tails and keep us in mind even if you aren't selected for the first animal you apply for! Your application stays on file for 6 months and we encourage you to keep watching our website for new pets. We will do our best to match repeat applicants that were not selected for the first animal they applied for.

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