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FREEdom Tails Ohio Adoption Fees

FREEdom Tails Ohio Animal Rescue adoption fees are based on a variety of factors including the age of the animal, the animal's specific medical needs, spay/neuter costs, vaccinations, and the state of the rescues financial resources. 

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Adoption Fees by Animal


Puppies adoption fees range from $300-$600 on average. Fees often include spay/neuter and multiple rounds of vaccinations based on age.

Adult Dogs

Adult dog adoption fees range from $200-$600 on average. Fees often address any medical concerns such as a surgery, medications, vaccinations, and potential spay/neuter.


Kittens adoption fee is $100. This fee includes spay/neuter and vaccinations based on age.


Cats adoption fee is $50. This fee includes addressing any medical concerns, medications, vaccinations and potential spay/neuter.

Sponsor Animal

Certain animals that are considered high-demand breeds may be considered a Sponsor Animal for the rescue. These animals are charged a higher adoption fee, up to $800. These animals "sponsor" other animals in the rescue that require extensive medical care such as an intensive surgery or long term care.

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